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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 16, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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and good morning. it is easter sunday, april 16th. i'm kate larson in for caroline tyler. let's start with a quick look at today's weather. frances lawson is in.. >> you'll notice more cloud cover this morning and temperatures are milder because of that. oakland 52, and santa rosa 46, napa 49. also in the valleys, los 49 degrees. today's storms are light. we'll see some showers this afternoon, less than a quarter of an inch. less than that for most areas. breezy at the coast. sunrise at 6:32. we'll still be dry by midday when the showers arrive. the showers continue into the
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afternoon and temperatures will be cooler. low 60s inland, around the bay upper 50s as well as at the coast, mid to upper 50s. showers taper off this evening and i'll have your accuweather forecast coming up. kate? we have breaking news out of vallejo this morning where police are investigating a shooting at a house party. nine minors were injured, four of them by gunshots. all of them were taken to the hospital. police tell us someone in a cara cross the street from the party on calhoun street opened fire shortly after midnight. and by the time officers arrived, the suspect vehicle described only as a four-door car was gone. the incident now remains under and we have developing news in san jose. two people were taken to a trauma center after being injured in a motel fire. just before 12:30, a fire was reported coming from casa motel. it took firefighters 20 minutes to knock down the flames. fortunately there were no
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injuries. arson investigators are on scene. berkeley police say they are likely to arrest more people following saturday's violent confrontation between anti and pro president trump forces. the almost inevitable fight started in martin luther king civic center park and quickly moved into the streets. berkeley police say 11 people were injured and 21 people were arrested. news reporter lisa galine tell us people from southern california actually drove up ere to be part of the event. >> reporter: they call themselves the patriots, and when one of their group was arrested, they waited hours for him to bail out before leaving for southern california. berkeley police arrested 21 people, even though more was done to stop this. the chaos that erupted when the two sides clashed in civic center park. police tried to keep the groups apart.
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they set up orange fencing, boundary lines, if you will. they banned and confiscated anything they considered dangerous: flagpoles, broom handles, rocks, shields. 11 people were hurt and one was stabbed. did you feel like you guys were overwhelmed? >> i think that we were able to manage the situation, especially when we got the assistance of mutual aid from the county. >> reporter: in other words, staffing was up. about 250 officers blanketed the area, but they still couldn't stop all the fights. masses of people used a large trash can as a weapon. both sides felt attacked. >> the racists that were here, you know, were bragging about driving for hours and hours and hours to come here to assault people. >> i think we should have the right to defend ourselves if they try to attack us. >> reporter: many also felt police didn't do enough to help or to stop the violence. a notion police dismiss,
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insisting arrests were made and more would likely come. in berkeley, abc 7 news. >> the protests forced bart to close down its downtown berkeley station. it was closed for most of the afternoon and reopened around 4:30. we sent updates on the protest through the abc 7 news app. you can download it for free and enable push alerts for instant updates on all your mobile devices. now, there was another local anti-trump rally on saturday, but this one was relatively peaceful. on the last weekend before tax day on tuesday, people took to the streets in san francisco to call on president trump to release his tax returns. abc 7 news reporter sergio contana was there. >> reporter: people from around the bay area converged on market street to join a day of demonstrations across the country. they're calling on president donald trump to fulfill one of
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his campaign promises. >> i will release my tax returns against my lawyer's wishes. >> reporter: many openly mocked the president. >> the chicken mask is because donald trump is afraid to show his taxes and he's being a chicken. chicken trump! show us your taxes, you chicken! >> reporter: supervisor jay kim took it a step further, calling the president a threat to american values. >> i'm not afraid to call trump an enemy of this state. >> reporter: nancy pelosi joined the march and was a keynote speaker at the rthe rally. she said this will put pressure on her conventional colleagues. even with all these people showing up, do you think he will release his taxes? >> we're the ones who can vote to make it happen. >> reporter: it included participants with plenty of clever protest signs and no shortage of concerned citizens. >> ever since trump was elected,
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everything felt like it turned upside down and i want to make it right again. >> reporter: what there was a shortage of was anyone who voiced support for the president. abc 7 news. >> what do we want? trump's taxes. >> abc 7 news was in palo alto when several groups echoed the call for president trump to release his tax returns. peace activists also spoke out against the president's plan to boost military spending by $54 billion. >> at the same time he's proposing to cut all the other departments, the ones that actually do good things for people, to propose spending $54 billion additional on useless wars around the country is an outrage. >> protesters called on apple examine other tech companies to cut off financial support to republican leaders as well. the same anti-trump tax day
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protest took place across the country. tens of thousands of people hit the streets from l.a. to d.c. to put pressure on president trump to make good on his campaign promise to release his tax returns. >> something we want to see him do is release his taes. >> it's just an integrity thing because we were in the the military. we were required to show any and every bit of information about ourselves, and it showed our integrity and our commitment. >> trump has said americans don't care about his tax returns, but polls show nearly 75% of americans believe he should release them. a white house foreign policy adviser says the trump administration will not have a formal response to the failed launch of a north korean medium range missile. the adviser says there is no need to reinforce the failure which came after a military demonstration in the
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capital. >> reporter: on the nation's most patriotic holiday, kim jong-un attended a grandpa raid designed to show off his military's might. as expected, the holiday was marked by a missile, which exploded immediately after liftoff. that makes it hard for experts to figure out what kind of missile it was. >> it was an old missile just for show, or was it a new missile that could directly target the united states? >> it was an embarrassment for the pyongyang regime who has been engaged in a war of words with washington. >> north korea is the problem. the problem will be taken care of. >> reporter: saturday's parade featured canisters large enough to hold what may be a new type of intercontinental ballistic missiles, and up close, submarine missiles. north korea is trying to develop missiles that could reach the u.s. and japan and south korea where many of the military is based. >> the missiles keep getting bigger, longer range, and
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eventually they'll build something that can reach the intercontinental 48. >> american troops are conducting military exercises at the south korean border with the north. north korea's second most senior official saying donald trump is creating a war situation, and north korea is prepared for all-out war, including a nuclear attack. brian clark, abc news, new york. police have recovered a football autographed by 49ers hall of famer jerry rice. it was stolen from a fundraiser to benefit special needs children in china. 40-year-old patrick lamm of san jose brought the football to the police department after surrendering, realizing he was caught on surveillance taking the ball. a camera showed him taking the football and just walking out. a woman had bid $3500 on it. police believe lamm worked in
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tandem with another person. so all the rain we've seen the last few weeks are still causing problems on our roads. abc 7 news was in berkeley where a sinkhole, you can see there about the size of a stop sign, opened up yesterday on tunnel road. workers tried to fix it. it closed bridge and vicente roads, causing major delays for a while. >> frances, we think the rain is a little less than anticipated originally. >> exactly and some areas may get less than a tenth of an inch. check out this gorgeous shot. >> beautiful. >> from our roof camera looking at the exploratorium. i'll have more details coming up. coming up, i special flyover at the golden gate bridge. what a french air force team is doing in san francisco. the reason behind this
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you're taking a live look from our mt. tan camera. you can see the sun beginning to rise over the bay on this cloudy but still beautiful easter sunday. today, of course, is easter, the holiest day on the christian calendar, and christians around the world are celebrating the resurrection of jesus christ.
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pope francis led easter mass in a wet st. peter's square in vatican city. >> translator: it is true, right and just, our duty and salvation at all times, oh lord. >> tens of thousands of pilgrims braved heavy security checks to be allowed into st. peter's square. today also marks the end of lent and the easter season in the catholic religion. french military jets soared high above the golden gate bridge yesterday. the aviators are part of an elite acrobatic team. they are touring the u.s. to honor americans entering world war i. the french joined other admirers at the bridge. >> this is great. i'm french. i fly planes in my spare time as well. i'm big fans of these guys. i see them every chance i get
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when i go back home. this is a chance to see them over the golden gate bridge. >> very cool. the french pilots also flew over the state capitol. they met the blue angels and this week they'll also meet with the air force thunderbirds. a group of surfers stayed in the water overnight to help fight cancer. abc 7 news was there when the ghost riders club began their 24-hour relay yesterday. they hope to raise $10,000 to help local cancer patients. >> we all know people or someone who has battled cancer, and, you know, it's really a tough deal that they're going through and we want to show support, want to bring the community together, we want to go out and give it our all, all night long, 24 hours. >> so far the ghost riders have raised more than $8700, so they're almost at their goal. they tell us they were inspired by a similar fundraiser in seattle two years ago. this is a cute one.
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a san jose rescuer is credited with rescuing a sea lion pup st. cruz. this was not long after he spotted it in the water in high tide. the waves kept throwing the pup into the rocks as he tried to get out of the water onto land. he eventually swam to latched onto his leg. how sweet. they say the sea lion was malnourished but now thriving in rehab and on his way to a full recovery. the golden state warriors have is a new playoff motto as they try to reach the nba finals for the third year in a row. abc 7 news was inside oracle arena when workers put out golden warriors playoff t-shirts on every single seat. it took more than 40 people about three hours to place those shirts on at reasthe arena'sares
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19,000-plus seats. the motto is "defend our ground." the a's also play at the coliseum this afternoon. tipoff for the warriors is at 12:30 and first pitch for the a's is 1:05, so a busy day. if you don't have tickets to the warriors game, abc 7 is the only place to watch portland take on the doves in game 1 of the playoffs. our coverage begins at noon and then you can stick wuls after the game followed by abc 7 news at 5:00. one day after "star wars" fans got treated to a sneak peek of the newest movie "the last jedi," walt disney has a brand new look at its upcoming "star
6:18 am
wars world" theme park at disneyland. the creator showed this video at the "star wars" celebration in florida commemorating 40 years since the release of "a new hope." the theme park won't recreate scenes from the movie but instead a destination. you'll have to wait for a few years, until 2019, to enjoy it in person. disney is the parent company of "star wars" and abc 7. one not to be missed is the annual union street easter parade and spring celebration in san francisco. a lot of fun, as you can see from these scenes of last year's pa parade. the event begins at 10:00 this morning and ends around 2:00. plenty of activities for the whole family. there is a climbing wall, a bubble jump, petting zoo and of
6:19 am
course a visit from the guest of honor, the easter bunny. okay, should be decent enough for the union street celebration. unfortunately, that's when we'll see the heaviest showers, but not too bad. live doppler 7 with a satellite image shows you increasing cloud cover around the bay area. i'm going to pull out a little bit so you see this system. the pulse is going to move through this afternoon. check out these beautiful live shots, especially folks heading out for sunrise services right now. we're looking south to san francisco. there are some coastal clouds already starting to move in. temperatures are on the mild side, though. san francisco 53, oakland 52, sa jose 55 degrees right now. this time we're looking toward sutro out toward the east. san francisco in the foreground. in the cooler neighborhoods like santa rosa, it's only 46. livermore 49 degrees right now. temperatures are going to be cooler compared to yesterday. check out the sky cover above
6:20 am
the that will thicken throughout the day. chance of rain through tuesday. sunny and much warmer by the end of the week. here's abc 7's exclusive storm impact scales. ranking each storm from a 1 to 5, today's storm is light, very light. in fact, light showers throughout the afternoon, less than a quarter of the afternoon. breezy at the coast where we could see gusts of 30 to 40 miles an hour. so here's how it plays out. again, we're seeing the clouds. they're going to start moving in, but by 9:00, still dry for most of the bay area with a chance for some light showers through parts of the north bay. then noon-midday is when we start to see the showers arrive. unfortunately the timing isn't so great because that's when we have all the activities planned, and then we'll see the heaviest showers move through until about noon to 3:00, then everything
6:21 am
pushes out of here about 7:00 this evening. we're talking less than a tenth of an inch in san francisco. the highest amounts we'll see are possibly in the north bay. santa rosa close to a quarter of an inch and only .500 of an inch in san jose. not much of a story about highs today. san francisco 57, oakland 59 for the warriors game and the a's game, and san jose at 62 degrees. monday looking pretty dry, but late night monday we could get a chance of a sprinkle, and then tuesday looks to be a bit of a wet start. very light rain as well for the bay area, and this kind of lingers into the afternoon. but not too much to worry about. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast, so we've got some scattered showers, light showers throughout the day with temperatures topping off in the low 60s for inland areas, upper 50s around the bay, and mid to upper 50s at the coast. we have that isolated sprinkle late monday night, and then
6:22 am
tuesday those scattered light showers. this storm on tuesday will be even weaker than the one today. then dry by wednesday, and sunny and warm, and hitting 80 degrees. we are going to jump 20 degrees inland from today to the end of the week. and, of course, you can stay on top of the storms by downloading our abc 7 news app. every change we make to our accuweather forecast is reflected. >> i'm sure everyone wants to get a jump on that mid-week forecast. i might do that myself. can we bring on the 80s? >> just not today. just ahead, an exclusive look at the newborn calf everyone has been
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welcome back. paula ferris joins us from new york to tell us what's coming up at 7:00 on "good morning america." >> good morning, everyone, and happy easter. new overnight, north korea launching a missile just one day after parading a fleet of military technology. but that missile exploded moments after takeoff, so how is the white house responding? plus, pro-trump and anti-trump protesters skwaquari off at a rally in california. dozens arrested while that riot
6:26 am
turned violent with thousands of others taking to the streets nationwide demanding to see president trump's tax returns. it's coming up only on gma this morning. see you soon. millions of people watched as april the giraffe gave birth yesterday morning, including all of us here in the studio. we were very excited. the calf, of course, became an instant celebrity. news reporter zgloria rivera ha more on his story. >> reporter: it's a boy. only abc 7 cameras allowed inside to see him arrive. claiming to be the most anticipated birth since prince george. so joy this morning when this little guy arrived. >> there you have it, guys. we have a baby. >> reporter: this nearly 6 feet, 150-pound bundle of spots taking his first wobbly steps.
6:27 am
he falls and nuzzles near mom. they hope all this attention will boost conservation efforts. >> to see the lives we're saving and the impact we're making for giraffe preservation and conservati conservation. >> it brought smiles from the baby that brought so many watchers from around the world. >> animal adventure park needs your help naming the calf. if you have an idea, you can head to our website, we post aided a link specific t naming the baby calf. vice president mike pence has arrived in south korea. his plans for his 10-day trip to asia. plus, coaches tell athletes to use their head. now they're saying use your headphones. these headphones specifically which have spikes and are
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good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. and good morning. it is 6:30. we're going to start with a look at our weather with meteorologist frances dinglasan in for lisa
6:31 am
sunday. >> we're beginning with cloud cover and that will make a chance for showers late this morning. right now temperatures are mainly in the 50s but cooler in the north bay. san francisco at 53, san jose 55. this storm is light ranked only a 1, so light showers moving through midday afternoon. breezy conditions at the the coast. sunrise happening in just a minute or so, most temperatures in the 50s. the showers arrive by midday. the showers will continue but lighten by 4:00 this afternoon and cooler today, low 60s inland. upper 50s around the bay, mid to upper 50s at the coast with a possible leftover shower this evening. kate? >> thanks, frances. vice president mike pence is in south korea this morning, the first stop on a 10-day, four-nation trip to asia. pence, the son of a war veteran,
6:32 am
attended easter services with local troops, then visited the war cemetary. he is showing support for the nation during a time of rising tensions with north korea. pence will also discuss the threats from pyongyang with military officials as well as possible military options. in war-torn syria, people in the northern part of that country are now dealing with the aftermath of a suicide bomb. the blast rocked an area where people were trying to escape. abc news reporter jenniferr jenr eggleston has the story. >> reporter: a massive suicide bomb engulfing the scene in flames. 100 dead just outside ldren blo the blast among the casualties. cars mangled. thousands of
6:33 am
safer, blood-free zones. delays leaving thousands dangerously exposed. no one has claimed responsibility but each side is blaming the other. fears of revenge attacks and doubts about whether these rare moments of compromise between syria's warring sides can continue. jennifer eggleston, abc news, london. challenges around the globe will be the main topic this morning on "this week." white house national security adviser lieutenant general h.r. mcmaster will speak with anchor george stefanopolous. this airs on "this week" at 8:00. it's been three years since the bombing at the finish line of the boston marathon.
6:34 am
a bell rang at boston's old south church at the time the blast ripped through the crowded sidewalks. the governor of massachusetts and boston's mayor placed a wreath at the spot of the site of the attack. this year's boston marathon will take place tomorrow. the world's oldest person has died at 117 years old. this is video of emma morano celebrating her last birthday in november. the italian woman was officially the last person born in the 1800s who was still alive. morano attributed her longevity to genetics and a diet of three eggs a day, two of them raw. her life spanned three centuries and she survived two world wars. the world's oldest human being title now belongs to violet brown, a jamaican woman who was born in march of 1900. it's not unusual, of course, to wear headphones during a workout, but the san francisco giants are trying out a pair
6:35 am
that's about much more than just listening to music. in fact, forget about the ears. abc 7's news reporter jonathan bloom talks about how these headphones talk directly to the brain. >> reporter: whether taking swings or throwing pitches, every movement in baseball starts with a signal from the brain to the body. >> your brain is always trying to optimize how it controls your body. that's a huge part of the gains you get from athletic training. so we can speed that up. >> reporter: the folks at halo neuroscience say they can do it with headphones. >> the brain's motor cortex is right here, right where the band of the headphones is. from the center it's legs, core, upper arms, lower arms, hands and fingers. >> reporter: controlled by an app, halo sports send electrical impulses to the brain through those spiky pads inside the headband. what are you feeling right now? >> a little tingle. >> reporter: after a two-week study, we're seeing results we
6:36 am
can buy into. >> reporter: don't expect these giants to wear the headphones during a game or in the dugout. not only is that against the rules, it's not what the headphones are for. the headphones are meant to be worn during a warmup workout for about 20 minutes. >> you want to pair that with heart smart quality training. the gains you get from that training will happen faster and better. >> reporter: it puts the brain in a state of hyperplasticity, in other words, it will be easier to learn hand movements. the team's sports scientist tested the headphones with minor league players -- >> they would do leg stimulation and go and train legs, and we noticed they were getting enhanced leg strength. >> reporter: the joints are hoping for that little advantage. >> even if it's one point a game, it's something to look at because we're looking for anything we can get. >> yes, however we can help our
6:37 am
g-men. still ahead on abc 7 news, you don't want to miss this. this rare surgery called it means this little boy will have his ankle and foot where his knee used to be. it's exactly what he wanted. we'll have your forecast in a few minutes. go skiing and then head to the beach in santa cruz. there's the pier rig
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(vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. many people, including myself, who live far from the farms learned more about where our food comes from yesterday. we were at san francisco's ferry building for the ninth annual goatfest yesterday, also known as goat challah. it included a petting zoo. >> basically connecting people who live in this urban environment to our rural community, our food shed that grows and produces all the food that we eat in san francisco. >> goatfest also produced products like goat's milk and goat cheese. happening today a san francisco tradition like no other, the one and only big
6:41 am
wheel race on patrero hill. this is where people take big wheels, those giant plastic tricycles from when we were kids. you race down 20th street down shft curveiest streets in san francisco. they have made it so more kids enjoy the fun. the course will be theirs alone from 3:00 to 4:00. this is about making fun of yourself because you're on a giant plastic toy. look at them, they look ridiculous. i know our producer said she tried it once. a little bit dangerous, and frances, we do have a bit of a drizzle today, so i don't know if that makes it harder in the afternoon. >> absolutely, we'll see wet roads for that race this afternoon because showers will move in midday. if you are doing it, bring a helmet, wrist pads -- >> elbow guards, all of it. >> you can enjoy this beautiful live view from sutro. sunrise just happened at 6:42.
6:42 am
it is gorge and you say kous an now but i'll let you know when the rain hits your neighborhood. four teams are playing at home, but the excitement is growing, of course, for the nba playoffs. mike shumann has a preview of the games between shake up your routine with a completely new way to clean. new colgate total advanced health mouthwash. shake to activate a powerful cleaning action that removes twenty four times more bacteria. improve the health of your mouth with new colgate total advanced health mouthwash.
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shake to clean.
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6:45 am
both the a's and the giants are playing at the same time at home. the a's are looking to bounce back after two losses against the houston astros. the giants hope to end their series with the colorado rockies 2-2. first pitch for both games is at 1:05. in the stanley cup playoffs, the sharks are back on home ice after splitting two games in edmonton. the puck drops at 7:00 a.p.m. a the shark tank. but first, if you don't have tickets, that's okay. abc 7 is the only place to watch the golden state warriors tip off with the portland trailblazers. what does kevin durant think of being the matchup against portland? here's sports anchor mike shumann. >> good morning. well, the warriors tip off their run for another nba title at
6:46 am
noon skpoand only here on abc 7 they host portland. ke kevin durant is back after five weeks off for a knee injury. but portland's damon lillard and steven collin average 20 points per game. they're going to be a challenge. >> we know we could be beaten any night. those guys are nba players. it's hard as hell to beat an nba player. it's hard to be a playoff team. we don't under estimate no players because they're going to be "a" players. >> we had a couple potential no-hitters involving our locals yesterday and we'll start off at the coliseum with the astros.
6:47 am
jackie wearing his number, 42. trevor pluffe with a 7. pitching a no-hitter, this game is over, right? wrong. bases loaded in the sixth, and karrera line drived. fooi five innings, no hits, but astros tied in the 8th. george springer completes his run. a's lose 10-6 after flirting with a no-hitter. moore lasted just two innings. a solo shot in the third, 1-0 rockies. they would add three more in the fourth. charlie blackmon with a two-out single. rockies go up 4-0.
6:48 am
then d.j. mayhew. amazing grab, but crashes into the wall. he's in pain, broken collarbone on his right shoulder. he's going to miss some time. perfect game in the 6th but he would end up with a complete game shutout. first of his career allowing just two hits, striking out four. and the giants lose 5-0. stay tuned for after the game with larry beal, coach kerry keating as the doves are back on 7. i'm mike shumann. happy easter, everyone. good morning. i'm frances dinglasan. what we're noticing, a lot of cloud cover this morning, but it is pretty quiet for easter services or if you have easter egg hunts. however, we are tracking the system off the coast ask thatnd
6:49 am
going to push through this afternoon. check out the easter sunrise there. temperatures on the mild side. we have that cloud cover overnight. right now in san francisco it's 52, san jose 55 degrees, san francisco 53 degrees and gilmore 59 degrees. toward the golden gate bridge, we're seeing coastal low clouds right now move in. santa rosa one of the cooler spots at 46 degrees, napa 49, novato 46. i'm going to move out of this shot because it's so pretty. there we go, we see the sunrise over the bay bridge. here's what you can expect. unfortunately we do have scattered showers moving into today. the timing of that will be midday into the afternoon. it stays with us through tuesday, but much sunnier and warmer weather by the end of the week. you'll be quite surprised. so abc 7's exclusive storm impact ranks the storm 1 to 5.
6:50 am
today's storm will be very light, that's leless than a qua in most areas. breezy and gusts at times. the morning hours still dry for the most part. 9:00, still dry. maybe a few sprinkles in the north bay. then check out the heaviest rain. it moves in at noon. we just updated our model, so we're seeing some heavier rain move in towards san francisco and into oakland between 12:00 and 3:00. unfortunately, that's the timing of a lot of events today and for this afternoon if you're heading to any of the ballpark games. and then it starts to peter off and pretty quickly dissipates by 7:00 this evening. rainfall amounts are generally less than a quarter of an inch, but it could be higher than that in parts of the north bay. like santa rosa up to .4 of an inch, and in the south bay we're talking about .1 of an inch in
6:51 am
many areas. highs today are cooler with the cloud cover and the rain. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. in san francisco 57, oakland 59, but it will be a little bit warmer in a few spots where we could touch 60 or even low 60s in san jose. 62 degrees for you there. we're looking pretty dry for monday, but late monday night we could get that chance of a sprinkle moving in, and that makes way for a wet tuesday morning with some showers popping into the afternoon. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we have those light showers moving in this afternoon. it could be a little bit moderate at times between 12:00 to 3:00, especially in the north bay and right around the bay area. then we have that isolated sprinkle late monday night, tuesday scattered showers. then dry. you can put the umbrellas away by wednesday and then warming up and check out the temperatures. we're jumping into the 60s to 80 degrees for next weekend. >> very nice. and today there's lots of
6:52 am
outdoor festivals and activities. >> yeah, and unfortunately, because of the timing of the system, that's when we'll see the rain move in, so you definitely want to bring an umbrella with you or a light layer or raincoat. >> very good. thank you so much. a 10-year-old boy has the chance to play basketball after stanford doctors replaced his knee joint with his ankle and foot. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez has this incredible story. >> chris is about to show me his amputated leg. the prosthesis fits snugly around his residual limb. as he takes it off, i'm surprised to see his ankle and foot are now where his knee used to be. >> i can run fairly well. still getting a little better. i can jump. i can walk about as good as i could before the surgery. >> reporter: two years ago chris was diagnosed with bone cancer in his left femur. the procedure that would give him the most mobility was called rotation plasty surgery.
6:53 am
in the last 20 years, dr. lawrence rinski has performed only ten of these rare surgeries. >> it acts totally as a knee. the amazing thing is the muscles of the calf which then become the front muscles of the thigh are more or less in tune with working at the right time. they have to adapt a little bit. >> we explained to him it's going to look like this. i remember chris' response: who cares how it looks? >> reporter: as long as he can still run. >> can i see you run? make sure there's no grown-ups to knock over. just jog down that way. >> reporter: chris, who loves sports and is always active, opted for rotation plasty. >> okay. well, that's better than i do. >> reporter: less than two months after chris received his prosthetic leg, his father gave him a basketball, and he attended a clinic for amputees. today chris is able to hold his own on the basketball court.
6:54 am
his favorite player in the nba is steph curry, who he met in 2015. >> i got sevtefan curry's jerse that he just wore in the playoffs. >> reporter: and it hasn't been washed. >> and it hasn't been washed. >> abc 7 news. >> we're happy to report after we told the warriors what a big fan chris is, they set him and his
6:55 am
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green mountain coffee. today is your last chance to enjoy the cherry blossom festival in san francisco s, th festival held on post street and gilmore in japantown. today's highlight is the cherry festival grandpa raid. it starts at 1:00 this afternoon near mccalster and the parade will complete on post. the festival is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. we get a check of your weather with frances right now. >> unfortunately the time of the scattered showers will move in this afternoon. 12:00 to 2:00 is when we'll see the light to moderate showers. then for today temperatures are on the cooler side, hitting the low 60s inland. an isolated sprinkle tomorrow late in the evening, then
6:58 am
scattered showers tuesday, dry by wednesday and warming ining. thanks for joining us on abc 7 news. abc 7 news continues at 9:00 a.m. "good morning america" is next.
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good morning, america. this morning, failed launch. north korea firing a missile that blows up shortly after takeoff. how will the u.s. respond? the launch happening just hours ahead of vice president mike pence's arrival in south korea. our martha raddatz getting a firsthand look at defense operations. >> this shows you just what the threat level is here. >> yes, ma'am. we live with it every day. violent protests. pro and anti-trump demonstrators squaring off. police in riot gear, right there at the scene. protesters doused with pepper spray. the injuries and the arrests. plus outside trump's door, and across the country, the april 15th message to the president. release your tax returns. call for peace. the message


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